The Best Weight Lifting Equipment Brands

When looking at decent weightlifting equipment you are looking for diversity, quality and durability. A quality brand will look at all these elements before they even consider placing it on the market.

weightlifting equipment brands


Precor is the name behind several home fitness equipment machines, for example treadmills, climbers and elliptical trainers. They also take into consideration the overall design. They are comfortable and durable, which means you will enjoy an effective full body workout every time.

Life Fitness

Inspired by an exercise bike that was developed in 1968, Life Fitness has been a dominant brand in the fitness industry for years. One of the features users love about their equipment is the interactive LCD display. These can track the amount of calories you burn, your heart-rate and much more.

Star Trac

Star Trac has built quite a reputation across the globe thanks to their top quality, full body workout machines. You may have heard about their recumbent bikes in addition to their weight training stations. They handle the manufacturing of their equipment, which means you always get quality.  

Between these three brands you won't have any trouble finding a machine that works for you. Go ahead and check them out.