Amino Acid Supplements

amino acidsAmino acids are strung together by the body to form 50,000 proteins that the body needs to build up its mass and to help every organ and part of the body to stay healthy. The liver manufactures 11 of the 20 amino acids that the body requires to maintain all its functions. The other nine, referred to as essential amino acids are found from the diet and come mainly from animal and plant sources.  

Amino Acid Powder

Amino acid Supplements are used by the body as a building block to make all the proteins needed by the body and which you will find in tissues and cells, and are very essential for their regeneration. They make up to twenty percent of the mass of an average body and play the role of maintaining the proper biological balance for energy production, transporting the oxygen to cells, the developing of muscle skin and bones, and as an essential part of all antibodies, neurotransmitters, enzymes and hormones.  Amino acids are also very essential for improving the health of the heart, and can be of great help to people who have diabetes, as it lowers their chances of getting heart diseases. Amino acid supplements can boost physical function, strength and lean body mass. That is the reason that it makes for a good supplement for elderly people and also for body builders. 

amino acids sourcesNormal diets contain a lot of dairy products and meat which can act to provide all the essential amino acids. There are a number of plant sources that also provide the required proteins, which can be help to those used to a vegan style of life. Even so, when a person falls critically ill, or exercises too much or goes in for crash diets, there can be a deficiency of amino acids, which require to be supplemented. The elderly and those people who have digestive problems may also feel the need to take amino acid supplements.  These were earlier very much in use for bodybuilding, but now their importance has been appreciated for better health and the taking of these supplements is quite common among health conscious persons.  

Branched Chain Amino Acid Supplements (BCAA supplements) are found in vegetables, cereals and carbohydrates as well as soya bean and pulses. You will find them in plenty in dairy products, eggs, seafood and meat. Amino acids are important for the functioning of the brain, so their supplements are of great importance to medical practitioners who have to deal with mental disorders. Any amino acid supplements must be taken only after the proper medical advice, as if there is an overload of any one of them, it can cause an imbalance in the body's own capacity to absorb and use them. That is why nutritionists and other experts who suggest the addition of amino acid supplements to diets insist on alternating dosages. These supplements are more effective if they are taken an hour after meal and recommended dosages never exceeded. While normal doses are restricted to I gram per kilo of body weight, bodybuilders may opt for higher dosages.

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