Muscle Building

muscle buildingWhen we think about muscle building our minds usually head straight to the gym. We have visions of huge Adonis type dudes sweating, grunting and lifting bars piled with weights the size of a car. Whereas this is a very important aspect of building muscle there is another, equally important thing to think about – the foods which help you to build muscle.

Here are some of the best muscle building foods which should be included in the diet of any person who wants to increase their muscles, strength and physique.

Muscle Building Workout Food

Eggs – they've made a real come back as nutritionists have discovered that far from clogging up arteries (they used to be bad for us) they are a great muscle building food. Egg yolks do have high cholesterol content which helps to build the steroid hormones needed for muscle growth.

Nuts – are stuffed full of first class, top quality calories and the perfect combination of protein, fiber and fats which means that they supply all of the calories needed without piling on the inches around your waistline.  They also make the perfect snack – grab a bag of nuts to snack on wherever and whenever you feel the urge.

Muscle Building FoodsCottage Cheese – full fat with live cultures is the most effective.  Cottage cheese has large quantities of casein, dairy protein which is digested very slowly which means that the amino acid levels in your blood gradually rise and stay up there for a relatively long period of time. Cottage cheese is also an excellent source of good bacteria which help your body to absorb the nutrients needed to make a bigger, stronger you.

Chickpeas – are great muscle building foods too, so if you are having difficulty in getting bigger and staying leaner then eat chickpeas instead of rice. They contain slow active carbs and lots of fiber.

Lean Beef – now we're talking, I can sense an enormous sigh of relief. Never mind the dairy and the nuts – what about the beef?  Lean beef is not only a great muscle building food but studies have also shown that it can help to lower stress and anxiety levels.

Chicken – the emergency, staple food for anyone who wants to build their muscles. The great thing about chicken is that it's available at just about every supermarket going round on the rotisserie spits – delicious and ready to eat plus a great source of top grade protein.

Lentils – are thought by many to be the ultimate secret weapon when it comes to building muscle.  They are affordable, have an extremely long shelf life, can be added to any casserole, soup or stew and are ready in 10 minutes.  They are also power houses of protein and slow digesting carbohydrates.

Salmon – not only is salmon packed with Omega 3 fats for a healthy heart but it also helps to prevent muscle breakdowns. If fish isn't your thing be sure to include some fish oil type supplements to your daily diet.

So there you have it – a choice of tremendous muscle building foods which are also totally delicious.

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