Muscle Building Diet & Chart

A lot of people start working out at the gym, then start looking for advice about what makes a good muscle building diet, thinking that the main reason they are not getting massive results is that their diet is not perfect. This is not usually the case.  There is a rule in bodybuilding known as the 80% rule – 80% of your results come from getting the basics right, the remaining 20% come from tweaks to diet, nutrient timing, workout periodization and other things.

What is a Good Muscle Building Diet?

musclebuilding dietFor the average beginner or even intermediate level trainee, the best muscle building diet is one that includes a lot of calories and a decent amount of protein. All too often, people slave away in the gym and then complain that they are a "hard gainer" when they are only eating 2,000 calories a day. Simply drinking some more milk or eating a few extra eggs at breakfast would help them to pack on a lot more muscle.

Once the time comes to cut, it is a little more important to pay attention to macronutrients – high protein and moderate fat and carbs is a good choice. Fat is not the enemy – in fact, fat can help to promote satiety, helping you to stay within your calorie goals.
There are many ways to kill a cat. Quite similarly, there quite a number of ways to gain that much needed muscle mass in the body. The most common way that many people may opt for due to its safety rating is eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Almost everyone on this road of muscle building tries this method especially during the early stages The methods, though considered the best by your resident health expert may not achieve as much results as other methods to be mentioned soon enough.

The alternative to the above methods is quite obvious. Using muscle building steroids is the next best alternative. This is a very controversial and uncertain means of building muscle in the body but it has actually worked for so many people out there. Using steroids is however coped with very many uncertainties such as what are the best muscle building supplements or pills to use and in which quantities should these steroids be taken.

Going ahead to use steroid is therefore considered a very tricky affair by many but the fact remains that extremely good results do come from use of muscle building steroids.