Is Creatine Good For You?

Is Creatine Good For YouCreatine is used as a supplement by people looking to build up their strength, and to increase lean muscle mass. Creatine can help to build up levels of phosphocreatine, which enhances the ability to perform strength building exercises that are intense and of shorter duration. Creatine is a substance that is naturally produced in the body, and is the one that permits vigorous physical activity. Taking supplements enhances this capability.   

It has been established that the use of creatine before a sporting event can improve performance by about ten percent for the first half a minute or so of any performance. This can give substantial advantages to athletes, especially in short sprints, or an advantage on courts. Persons who cross the age of thirty find that there is a decrease in their physical faculties of endurance, strength and energy as well as mental sharpness. The reason for this is a decline in testosterone levels and the use of creatine supplements can have the same effect as injections for testosterone replacement therapy.

Use Creatine to Boost Endurance and Help in Intense Physical Activity

Creatine has also been found to help people who lack focus, seem confused and become forgetful. Neurological performance improves when the right quantity of creatine is taken over extended six week periods.  Not only does this lead to an improvement in memory, but also helps the person to process information faster. Creatine has also been known to help more work to be done and increase endurance.

As we have already said, creatine is used to boost testosterone levels. This leads to building bigger muscle mass  and also helps to get more liquid into the muscles, ad this can help to increase the muscle mass by up to 10 percent. Workouts can be longer, as muscle recovery time is reduced, and the muscles develop an ability to take on more strenuous activity.