What Does Creatine Do For You?

What Does Creatine Do For YouIf you're just getting started bodybuilding and working out, then you're probably also just hearing about creatine, and how it can help you build muscle. You'll hear a lot of interesting things around the gym, that you really need to take this creatine if you want to build muscle, and a lot of it is partially true. But what a lot of people will forget to tell you is that what builds muscle is the exercises, then your body rebuilding the muscle stronger each time, and what the creatine does is help the protein that your body uses when it comes time to build muscle. But if you don't work out, or get enough protein, your body won't have any use for the creatine that you've been taking.

Another thing that you'll many times not hear from the self-appointed experts down at the gym, is that for creatine to be most effective you need to be taking protein equal to 1 g of protein per pound of your weight along with the creatine right before or after your workout. This is to make sure that the needed nutrients are readily available when your body needs them the most. Plus, don't forget to drink extra water, far and above what you think you need, when you're working out and taking these supplements. Your muscles need to have plenty water to do all the building that needs to be done, and it won't do it while dehydrated.  One great way to do that is by taking the protein in the form of liquid shake, but don't be fooled you still need to drink plenty of extra water.

When Should You Take Creatine

Taking creatine as part of your muscle building plan is a time tested, proven method to help you build muscle. When combined with protein and lots of workouts at the gym, at  2 to 3 weeks you should see an increase in lean muscle mass, a decrease in fat, in addition to putting on weight where you want it most.