Visual Impact Muscle Building

When we speak about a nice physique, who do we mostly mean? Is it a WWE wrestler whose body is more blocky or are we mentioning the Hollywood movie actor who looks slim but having a muscular body? The answer is definite. Visual impact muscle building is all about getting those muscles on the right places. Most men get their motivation to work out from women and some even want to be muscular to please women. Most men are following the advice of the 3 lifts. That is the bench press, squat and the deadlift. They end up having that scary bulk physique they think will be pleasing.

What Is Visual Impact muscle building?

visual impact muscle buildingTo know why this happens, let us look at how the types of muscle growth will determine the look of your muscles. Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy is the growth caused when the fluids in the sarcoplasm increase in a muscle cell. This is the fastest way to increase your muscle size but there is no increase in strength. This is because sarcoplasm is only in fluid form and cannot contract.

Myofibrillar hypertrophy is the  growth of the muscle fiber. The increase in the muscle fiber will increase your strength but does not increase your muscle size that fast. This is because the muscle fiber can contract and will assist in making you gain strength. However, you will not gain very much size to your muscles.

What are the benfits of Visual Impact Muscle building?

You will have to use a proper ratio of the two types of muscle growth in order to get those full and dense look in your muscles. If you focus only on sarcoplasmic training only, then you will have rounded muscles hence it will leave you with that large and fluffy looking body. If you also focus too much on myofibrillar training, then you will have small but dense muscles. Therefore, your muscles will remain undersized.

Some guys will suffer from having loose skin which does not show their muscle definition. The same guys are the ones having tight skins which show off their muscles. This is called the shrink wrap effect. This pump is temporary in the gym and is a result of that pump after lifting weights that challenge your muscles. The problem, however, is that when you get out of the gym, that pump disappears and the skin will shrink and become loose after all this.

What are the Problems of visual impact muscle building ?

It encourages that each set should build the muscle and not make you feel sore. That is what is called the mass building set.
Lifting heavy workloads is for that muscular tone. For mass, you will have to lift lighter weights. Therefore juggle a perfect balance between the two.
You will also be able to know how to train your lagging body part and gain muscle in that part without overtraining it and hindering growth. Those lagging parts will become your strong points.
You need to split your routine. This will make you  avoid adding some muscle mass to your butt, legs, and hips. If you want to gain muscle in these areas, you will have to structure your routine. We also have a bunch of curated posts on visual impact muscle building and its results