Weight Lifting Routines For Men

Weight Lifting Routines For MenOnce you decide that you would like to lift weights in order to get more physically fit, you are going to have to decide what type of exercises you are going to do in order to start the process. When you are a beginner, you should always start with much lighter weights than you would assume you could lift. You can actually find your maximum by having someone spot you, especially for benchpress and curls, and then subtract 25% from the maximum weight so that you will have a general idea of how much weight you can use when you are doing your last repetitions. Here are the best weight lifting routines men can use when they first start out.

Push And Pull Exercises

There is a general consensus that when you start working out you should not combine push and pull exercises. Push exercises have to do with pushing the weight away from your body, whereas pull exercises pull the weight in. For push exercises, you need to start with the basics which include benchpress, military press, and also adding in some push-ups. For your pull exercises, you will want to do rows and pull-ups to get started.

How Often Should You Do Them

You should try to do these exercises no more than three times a week, giving yourself one day on, and one day off, and using the weekend to fully recover. Many people will attest that when you first start out, that 48 hour period is absolutely essential to priming your muscles for more intense higher weight workouts in the future. This will also prevent you from having any strains which are very common with people that are just starting to weight lifting. Use these tips to stay safe and get yourself started as you do weightlifting routines for men.