3 Day Weight Lifting Routine – Maximize Your Gains

3 Day Weight Lifting RoutineAssuming that you are already lifting weights, and that you are not a beginner, there are a couple exercises that you should add to your daily regimen that can really increase your overall strength and muscle mass. These exercises are not for the lighthearted, and will take every ounce of energy that you have, but the end result is that you will build muscle and strength faster than ever before. You can do these three days a week, and when you do, you will be impressed by the results you obtain.

Three Day Weight Lifting Routine

The first exercise that you want to do is called a trap bar deadlift. It is just like any deadlifts that you have ever done. You squat down, bend your knees holding the bar, and then stand up pulling the full weight without arching your back. You then want to hold it for a few seconds, and then back down again, and exercise that will work virtually every muscle in your body. The second are log clean and press exercises which involves picking weights from the ground, putting them over your head, and then back down again. Kettle balls can be used for this exercise making it very easy to do them without straining your wrists. The final exercise that you need to do is to build your chest using an inclined bench press. Whatever your max is, you need to go down at least 40% so that you do not over strain your muscles. This will build the upper part of your chest very quickly, giving you that beach body look and also hide your clavicles.

By doing these exercises three times a week, with only three repetitions with three sets to start, you can gradually move up from there, also increasing your weights, and you will start noticing a dramatic change in your overall strength levels, and how cut you look.