Build Muscle With Soy Free Protein Powder

Build Muscle With Soy Free Protein PowderIf you lift weights, it is important to do what you can to help your muscles recover and build new ones. Incorporating soy free protein powder is a safe and healthy way to build up your muscles and meet your fitness goals. Some protein powders are better than others and soy free powders provides a huge protein punch that is also easy on your body.

Soy free protein powders don't contain additives and fillers like the other protein powders do. Each serving provides 17 grams of high quality protein that will keep you full and grow your muscle. Soy protein powders are perfect for using in smoothies. You can even blend it into peanut butter and use it as a spread. 

Soy Protein Powder Recipes

You can buy the powders plain or flavored. It has a long shelf life as well. Here's an easy shake you can make that is tasty and packed with vitamins. Add protein powder, blueberries, strawberries and a banana in a blender and blend it up with some whole milk. You don't even need to add sugar as the banana gives it a sweet taste.

Drink a shake either before or after your workout. If you drink it before you will end up with extra energy and after your workout the protein will go straight to your muscles. You will get all the extra calories you need just from the shakes. 

You can find quality soy free protein powders online and in health food stores. Be sure to buy a brand that is manufactured in the United States, as these brands are tested and often are a higher quality. Foreign brands are sometimes contaminated or contain fillers that don't need to be there. Think of your health first and only buy protein powders from trusted sources.