The 3 Secrets Behind Vegetarian Bodybuilding

The best vegetarian bodybuilding plans will vary based on whether you are a lacto, an ovo, lacto-ovo, or even a vegan level of vegetarian. While eliminating meat based protein from a diet can be very challenging, that doesn’t mean that success is impossible. In fact, there are many great vegetarian and vegan eating plans that can help get you to your goals!

Eggs & Milk
While these aren’t options for a vegan, for other vegetarians who don’t mind eggs and milk can enjoy the benefits of both when it comes to a great bodybuilding diet. Milk and eggs both have a variety of minerals and vitamins, in addition to being major sources of protein.

There’s even a classic “gallon of milk a day” workout for bodybuilders who want to build large legs. The calories, the protein, and the minerals allow for major bulking up.

Soy Protein
Soy protein is a type of protein that can be enjoyed by all types of vegetarians. This is a classic vegetable based protein that can take the place of animal based proteins and also comes in a variety of powders and supplements. For serious bodybuilders who know they need that protein, soy is often one of the first places they turn to.

Don’t Forget the Rice!
Bodybuilding isn’t just about protein – having lots of good carbs for weight and energy also matter. Wild rice and brown rice are your friend with any long term eating plan for bulking up.

In Conclusion
The biggest changes between regular body building and a vegetarian or vegan plan is the diet. The exercises all stay the same, the need for calories stay the same, the key is getting the calories, protein, and carbs you need in order to bulk up. Going the vegetarian route doesn’t mean you have to give up on your He-Man dreams!