Muscle Building Workouts At Home

I can't speak for anybody else, but going to the gym is sometimes just too difficult. In some cases is puts more stress on me just to make time to go. So I started using a muscle building workout plan at home that also gets the job done according to my needs. If you have stairs in your house I suggest you try it as well.

muscle building workouts at homeI usually start by running up and down about 4 times each way. Use single steps for this. Then I settle down for some incline pushups and tricep dips, about 20 each.

Then it's back to running 4 more single step laps before I do split squats and leg calf raises, 20 for each leg.

This is followed by my last 4 laps of running up and down the stairs and ending the workout with stair squat jumps and decline pushups, 20 each.

All in all this workout doesn't take me more than 30 minutes and implementing it into my morning routine is very easy. I just set my alarm a little earlier and I don't need to worry about rushing to the gym. You might not get buffed up like a true body-builder, but you will definitely get a nicely toned body.