Knowing How Much Creatine To Take

when to take creatine and proteinWhen you are someone who is interested in adding the right amount of supplements to your diet for purposes of working out, you will certainly want to look at how much creatine to take. This is a substance that is found in the skeletal muscles of protein sources such as pork and beef. You are looking at roughly about 2 grams of creatine found in one pound of beef. However, you are going to find that it will be difficult to get the amount that you need to supplement a bodybuilding schedule simply by eating foods alone. This is why some athletes will look into how much creatine to take so that they can gain an advantage with each trip to the gym.

In supplement form, creatine comes as a white powder that looks similar to sugar. Because it is a product that is tasteless and odorless, you have the option of adding a good creatine supplement to just about any type of drink that you might be enjoying. Looking into the amount that you should take as a supplement, most manufacturers will recommend that you go through a loading phase so that you can pack as much creatine into your muscles as possible.

When to Take Creatine and Protein

How much creatine to take might vary depending on your individual needs, with most suppliers saying that about 15 up to 25 grams each day for a total of 7 days is a good start. Overall, a maintenance dose that seems to be common with many weightlifters will be roughly 5 grams per day so that you can give your body a consistent level of this beneficial ingredient. Of course, as with any sort of a workout or body building routine, you will want to make sure that you are supplementing your creatine with a quality protein source for optimal results.