What Are Amino Acids And What Do They Do?

Many bodybuilders consider amino acids to be wondrous things.  In fact, newbies to bodybuilding will be surprised at how much they can do for their bodies.

This substance gives the body the vitamins and minerals it needs to function well.  They also provide micro-nutrients and fuel for growth.

What Are Amino Acids?

The amino acids found in food make up protein.  When the body digests protein, it is again broken down into various amino acids.

These acids are then put together for different uses.  The new proteins formed make up most of the solid matter in a human body.

Listed below are numerous ways that amino acids can help the body.

What Are Amino Acids And What Do They Do–  They aid growth and repair.
–  Radiation protection and removing excess metals from the body.
–  Produces gastric juices to speed up the digestion process.
–  Longer orgasms and a healthier sex life.
–  Aids the absorption of calcium.
–  Mobilizes fat for energy use.
–  Maintains nitrogen balance.
–  Helps maintain a lean frame when the body is under stress and/or fatigue.
–  Produces antibodies.
–  Repairs damaged tissue.
–  Builds new muscle protein.
–  Maintains healthy blood vessels.

What Bodybuilders Need to Know About Amino Acids

In short, amino acids can help bodybuilders achieve their fitness goals and make them feel great.  However, excessive use can result in some unpleasant side effects.  Anyone who is taking an amino acid regularly should be following the dosage instructions on the bottle.

Those with a medical condition should check with their doctor whether it is okay to take amino acid supplements.  This advice also needs to be followed when trying other types of supplements.

If used correctly, amino acids can be beneficial to both bodybuilders and regular people.  These supplements can be purchased at offline health stores, supermarkets and on the internet.