The Best bodybuilding Back Workouts

The Best bodybuilding Back WorkoutsA lot of men and women like to focus on what they can see of their upper body: the biceps, the triceps, the chest, and the abs. But if you neglect your back, you're not only sculpting an incomplete picture but also limiting gains and risking injury. Building up your back is of the utmost importance, and here are a few exercises to get yourself started.

Shoulder Press/Front And Side Raises

When working out the back, it is a good idea to start from the top down. Your shoulders and lats are fairly simple to work out simultaneously. A free weight shoulder press exercise is great for building stretch and learning muscle control. Side and front raises burn like crazy, but they create the endurance that your muscles are going to need when you get to the heavier lifts.

Bent Over Rows

Bent over rows are going to put a huge focus on your middle back and your traps, an area that many people neglect in their workouts. It's a very simple exercise to work in, and will help stabilize your core and chest on your alternate upper body days.

Pull Ups

Pull ups (much like push ups for the chest) are going to be the staple of your back workout. They're very simple, and not many people like them. That's just fine, after a few weeks you're going to absolutely learn to love them. Change up your grip to get some variance in your workout, and start pulling. You'll see results a lot faster than you will with any other workout type.

Like any workout plan, having something on paper isn't going to do you much good. You're only going to get out of these suggestions what you put into them, so stop reading and start working out!